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Last time, we discussed how to choose a topic to blog about.  I shared 5 great questions you can ask yourself to help identify where you can add a unique perspective to your readers.

Let’s piggy-back on the finding-your-niche conversation and dive into how to come up with actual post ideas.

Because lots of would-be bloggers get stuck on this part.

You’ve probably heard it said, producing great content is the key to blogging success.  Defining ‘great content’ is important and we like to explain it this way: your goal with each post is to provide value to your readers.

Ask yourself these four questions before pressing publish:





You don’t have to hit all four E’s in one post (but if you do, even better!). You are writing and creating content that you want people to read (right?!) so it’s important to keep your readers in mind when coming up with what to share with them.

Content Rule #1: Keep Your Readers In Mind First

By providing something of value to your readers (even if it’s just a smile), you will keep them coming back for more.

In this age of social media, the lure of viral blog posts and wanting everything to be epic!, you can get stressed out to try to come up with the next big thing.

Relax, my friends. Relax.

I feel the pressure, too, but at some point you have to just do your thing and be confident that it’s right where you need to be. And truthfully, odds are we will never have a crazy viral post anyway.  So stick with your purpose for your blog, speak from your own voice and craft valuable posts to your unique audience.

Maybe you have a notebook filled with blog post ideas … or maybe you’re drawing a blank. Either way, we’ve put together this collection of blog post ideas to help keep the good topics coming.

Continue reading for the 50+ great blog post ideas:


Helpful blog post ideas establish you as an authority in your niche and position you as a trusted resource.

Create a List
Gather a list of reasons, resources, links, quotes, images, tools, books, or anything in a common category and compile them in a post.

Post a How-To
The How-To blog post is often something that draws readers in especially if it’s about a challenging topic or skill. Everyone wants to know how things are made or done.

Share a Quick Fix 
Share a quick tip you recently discovered that you think would be helpful to your readers in some way. These are short posts with a helpful tip at the end.

Give a Case Study 
Case studies can take longer to write but they are often referred back to and shared on social media more than other types of posts. Identify the what, why, how and when describing processes and people involved in your case study. This can also be an outside case study that you refer back to and provide your take on.

Identify a Problem then Provide a Solution
Identify a problem you had or that you think a good number of your readers have and then outline and simple way to fix it. Highlight possible mistakes to avoid and link to resources.

Develop Research and Report Findings
Pick a topic or subject that your readers find interesting and compile data points, graphs, charts, or other information and display it in a visual way. Make it easy to understand and apply. Consider using direct numbers from your research rather than statistics as stats can be skewed by so many outside factors.

Compile Helpful Resources
Compile a list of tools or resources for a particular subject or topic. These can often get linked to from the most surprising places and provide ongoing traffic (and affiliate sales) for a long time.

Share F.A.Q.s 
Frequently asked questions are a great way to deliver small chunks of interesting information that becomes search engine friendly and easy to read. These blog posts can be focused around a niche or totally random. Consider using emails your readers send you. If you have a product or service this type of post can become a stand alone page that helps readers better understand your offer or solution.

Craft a Checklist 
Checklists are some of the most highly shared posts on the internet. There’s a good reason for this as the word checklist automatically implies a sense of value beyond a regular blog post. Usually a desired end goal is outlined and steps to achieve that goal are broken down and explained. These types of posts also work great as giveaways or downloads.

Create an Ultimate Guide 
Writing an ultimate guide to anything is time-consuming and hard work. The result is a blog post that readers will often come back to over and over and share with others. These posts can position you as a perceived expert on the topic you are covering. Guides go beyond just checklists by showing the “how” as well as the “why” of a topic.

Help Define Terms
Many industry terms or terms that might be unique to your niche may not be easily understood by new readers. Providing them with a glossary of terms or definitions will help them understand key topics or concepts that might otherwise be confusing. You can also spin this around to a slightly more humorous angle by re-defining terms in light of a certain perspective. Urban dictionary does this well.

Send out a Series 
Publishing connected blog posts in a series around a specific goal or topic keeps readers interested more than usual and coming back to read the ongoing story or information you’re delivering. A series blog post can be just about anything that gets tied together with a story or ongoing updated information. Be sure to link back to previous posts in the series and foreshadow the upcoming blog posts using an “open loop” or cliffhanger which creates the desire to have a mystery resolved or story completed. To be continued…

Dispel Common Misconceptions
Reveal a commonly assumed assumption about your niche, product, or industry and why it is viewed that way and then reveal the truth. Provide pictures or data that backs up your claims. If you have a product you can highlight the specifics about how your product is made and this will immediately create interest and value in the quality of your product. Examples: Made from 27 organic ingredients. Our process takes 320 hours to complete.

Unearth Myths vs Facts 
This is similar to a list post or Q&A post with the exception of jotting down a list of myths and facts to back up your claims as such. These also work great for promotional posts if you’re selling a product or service. Avoid dishing out opinions or negative information as this will only reduce the effectiveness of your fact based reporting.



One of the easiest ways to grow your blog is to be generous by promoting other people. The focus of these posts is to highlight experts, authors and bloggers in your niche, particularly ones with larger audiences on their blogs and social media. When you promote others they will often promote your content to their social channels and blog readers, thus spreading the word about your blog and bringing in new visitors.

Profile People 
Write about the activities or accomplishments of someone in your niche who is making a difference. Break down what they’re doing and how it helps others. Highlight their unique talents or contributions to the community you are in. Be sure to send them an email sharing your post after it’s published. They may choose to share it with their readers and send some visitors your way.

Collect Group Contributors 
Send an interesting question out to ten or twenty popular bloggers or style makers in your niche. Tell them everyone who’s on your list of contributors (no one likes to be left out) and ask for a few words or their opinion on a topic. Recent events work great for this. So does asking about people’s favorites such as vacation spots, foods, books, etc. Everyone loves to know what makes other influencers tick and if you can gather that information up together you’ll be the one everyone will link to.

Share Interviews
Most bloggers and influencers including authors, stylists and professionals enjoy talking about their craft. Even more so if they own a business around it. Interview several top business owners or top bloggers and ask a series of open-ended questions to draw out unique answers. If you do this often enough you can turn it into a series or podcast or even an entire business model around interviewing experts in your space.

Host Link Roundups
Link roundups work great because after you set them up others contribute content and links for you in exchange for a link to their own blog. What I wore posts are an example of these. When you are the host blog all the other bloggers link up to you and send visitors your way. You can also do this as a regular blog post or series weekly or monthly to bring back repeat visitors.

Provide Inspirational Quotes
Most people love to hear encouraging or thought provoking quotes from people they respect or aspire to be like. You can use quotes from history or outside your niche. If you do a bit of research you can collect opinions from people in the recent past and link to them in your post. Authors are a good source for this type of post. Be sure to let those people know that you have written about their take on things so they have the opportunity to share it on social media.

Collect the Best of the Web
Ask what your readers might already be searching for on search engines and compile your own list of top products, services, or other resources. Curating the best things can also include new undiscovered things as well. If you know far enough in advance you can collect these links in your bookmarks or favorites bar and then reference them later. If possible send an email to the original sources so they can share your list with their audience.

Give Top Picks
Choose your own or highlight the top picks of others in this collection of resources, products, books, etc. Briefly describe each mention and link back to them as a source. Finally, notify the original product or resource owner and allow them to shout out your top pics to their fans as you become an industry insider.

Highlight People to Follow
This type of post works great for social media like Instagram or if you have a particular subject that many people would be interested in learning more about. Highlight the top influencers, bloggers, or experts in that niche and describe their unique style in your own words. Again, be sure to let them know you have sent them some love and its possible they could link back to you or tweet your content to their followers.



Tell a story or make people laugh.

Tell Stories
Personal stories make the best entertainment especially if there’s a life lesson, main point, or punchline at the end. People throughout the ages have used stories to relay important information and its how we primarily relate to others. The movie industry and publishing business are a testament to how powerful telling stories has become in our culture. We often remember stories much easier than anything else. Be sure to include a bit of a lead up to your main event and create tension with the people involved or circumstances. Consider breaking your story into multiple posts if its really long.

Share Satire
People often have extreme opinions around certain topics such as politics religion or sports. You can exaggerate or use humor to make light of a current event or situation and make people laugh or see the bigger picture. It takes guts to do this type of post as it often requires offending someone or something. If that person or topic is already a subject of the Tonight Show monologue you are probably in good shape.

Blog Humor 
Post favorite youtube videos that make people laugh or other funny stories you have recently read. Find something hilarious on social media that made you laugh. Humor related posts are often shared the most on social media because it breaks up the mundane parts of life and gives people something funny to think about. Bonus points if you can find something not yet discovered like this video before it went viral.



Highlight something creative you or someone else has done.

Create An Inspiration Board
Are you planning a creative project or event or design? Share your concept by putting a collage of images, fonts, textures, materials or other related items you are considering together on an inspiration board and describe it in a post.

Share a Before & After Transformation
Did you recently change something in your home? Put up a photo collage? Remodel a kitchen or bathroom? Share the before and after photos to compare. This is one the print magazines have been using for years to draw in readers because everyone wants to know how things get transformed from garbage to greatness.

Dish out Your Favorite Pins
Roundup a collection of your favorite pins and boards to follow and share them with your readers. This collection can be either boards or pins of others or curated boards you’ve put together yourself. Be sure to update these often and consider posting about those updates again in the future.

Instagram Favorites
Feature your favorite Instagram accounts to follow or display recent Instagram photos that gave you inspiration during the week.



Creating content around recent events or trends.

Give a Detailed Review
If you have recently tried out a new product or read a new book you can give a detailed summary of your experience and link to it. This works great for product based niches like tech or fashion. If you link to the product you may be able to earn a commission of the sale with an affiliate program.

Conduct a Survey then Share Results
Use a short survey to poll readers about a topic or upcoming event. This is a great way to gain insight into what your readers think and possible product or service ideas. Use google forms or survey monkey to create easy surveys.

Summarize The News
Pinpoint sources for up to date information around an event or situation and the recap the most important details in a blog post.

Cover The Trends
Entire blogs are dedicated to covering ongoing trends in home design, fashion, or other niches. If you’re good at spotting these trends you can share them with readers and become a resource for keeping up with changes in your space. Trends sometimes make people feel like they’re behind the times by nature. Provide a positive spin on trends that may come and go quickly while sticking to classics or trends that stand the test of time.

Analyze an Issue
Take a complex issue and break down the main points as it relates to the impact on your industry or niche. This can also work well in politics or religion where not everyone agrees. Try to share both sides of an issue and why each side thinks they have it right.



Personal posts allow readers to better understand you because you are sharing your thoughts and ideas on various subjects.

Be Inspirational
Some of the most effective content on the web is neither informational or entertaining — it simply inspires. This kind of post can work well as a Story Post, Profile Post or Quote Post among others.

Share A Day In The Life
People are fascinated with the lives of others (reality TV?) and want to know what goes on behind the scenes. Walk people through a recent day in your life that was either entertaining or interesting for some reason.

Give Holiday Greetings and Gifts
Send out a thank you to your readers or even provide a free download or gift on a holiday. Everyone likes receiving gifts. Another option is to simply take a break from blog posts during this week to spend time with your family.

Be Vulnerable
So many people can relate to challenges and situations in life you might be going through. Sharing this experience might be hard but it can also bond you with your readers and allow them to see that you’re a real person with real struggles. Being vulnerable doesn’t have to be negative either. You can share a moving experience you’ve had that was deeply personal.

Go Behind the Scenes
How things work and how things are made seem to fascinate people. Giving them a behind the scenes look at what you do and how you do it can create real value and interesting conversation on your blog.

Catch Them Off Guard
Share something completely new or off-topic from your normal categories of posts.

Outline Your Opinion
Describe your thoughts on something and give examples of why you think the way you do and then ask for comments.

Admit the Mistake
Admit to a recent mistake you’ve made and what you did to fix it. This can be about something serious happening in your life or something trivial (lost my keys but discovered…). These work especially well for businesses who confess to minor problems and then outline how they’re going to fix them. Transparency builds trust and develops honesty when dealing with people online.

Write Dear Abby
If a reader has recently asked you a question that you feel would also be helpful to your audience you can share it by formatting your post as a dear Abby post.



If you have a product or service that fits your niche, you can use one of the following posts to get the word out and earn an income.

Show a Comparison
Create a post that compares the features and benefits of your product to other similar products. Highlight honestly how your product stacks up and don’t be afraid to admit when yours is NOT the best solution. This will ultimately build trust with your customers.

Showcase Your Process
Use your blog to show the process and results of a specific project or product you are working on. Show behind the scenes, what it takes to accomplish your goal and how it is turning out.

Give Regular Updates
Document the process of a project you are working on and release updates days or weeks (or months!) apart to build anticipation.

Replay a Presentation
Publish previously recorded presentations (talks at a conference, small group conversations, how-to demonstration) that contain interesting and valuable information for your audience.

Compile Your Most Popular 
Create a blog post that pulls together the most popular blog posts you have published over a period of time.

Share Product Updates
If you make updates to your product (or create new offerings), make an announcement sharing the details on your blog.

Offer Tips for Using Your Products
This post type is both promotional and useful and can be a great way to build excitement and awareness about your product. Create content that helps your customers be more successful with your product or service by offering tips for using, caring for, getting the full benefit, etc. of your products or services.



Engaging posts by definition give readers a chance to provide input, comment or interact with your blog in a way other than simply reading it.

Host a Q&A
Have your audience ask questions in social media or in the comments section of your blog. You can reply directly in the comments, or compile a list of questions to answer in a later post.

Ask a Question
Ask your readers a question and allow them to answer in your comments section. This type of post is generally very short, allowing your audience to create the bulk of the content.

Pose a Challenge
Use a blog post to present a challenge to your audience. If you are working towards a goal, get your readers in on it and do it together. Use this post as a series with follow ups on progress and features of readers who are participating in the challenge.

Be Generous
Offer a freebie or giveaway to your audience. Your generosity will go a long way in building loyal followers.

Sponsor a Contest
Announce a contest on your blog. Choose a relevant topic and develop a contest to engage your readers. Use this post as a series to offer follow ups with contest results.

Conduct a Reader Survey
Use a google form, Survey Monkey or Typeform to ask a question (or series of questions) and gather responses from your readers. It helps if you have a bit of a following before doing this. This can provide extremely helpful insight into the problems and thoughts of your readers especially ahead of a sales promotion or product launch.

Just refer back to this post and you’ll never hit writer’s block again!

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