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You're In The Right Place

Do you want to start a blog but not sure where to begin?

Do you have a blog, but struggle to grow readership or revenue?

Do you have unanswered questions about SEO, E-mail marketing, advertising and more?

You are in the right spot!

How The Blog Class helps you

The Blog Class is a seven section online course designed to help you confidently navigate your blogging journey.

  • Avoid mistakes with a proven plan for success
  • Bypass hours, days, even months of research.
  • Gain readers + loyal followers.
  • Find out how to use your blog to earn an income.
  • Follow a roadmap of proven strategies.
  • Stuck? Minor bug fix? We'll help fix it.
  • Get a professional looking blog, without having to hire a professional designer.
  • Don't go it alone!

Spend your time, money and effort on the things that get you results

Before the blog class you had to search countless forums, youtube videos, help desks and more to find answers to all kinds of confusing technical topics. The problem is that you wind up either chasing the shiny object or going around and around wondering which option to use. You never end up taking action to moving you forward to your goals.

Before The Blog Class

  • wasted time searching youtube for hours
  • get lost in forums
  • unsure of best options
  • frustrated and overwhelmed
  • lack of progress or growth

After The Blog Class

  • easy to follow tutorials

  • go at your own pace progress

  • quick access tutorials from anywhere

  • step by step happy progress

  • friendly and helpful support

  • proven ongoing results

  • confidence moving forward

What's Included

Follow A Proven 7 Part Framework

  • 1

    Section One: SETUP

    Frustration free tips for setting up the foundation of your blog.

With the correct blog setup you can move forward trusting your building upon a sturdy foundation that is ready to support your amazing ideas and goals.

  • How the pieces fit together
  • Your blog platform options
  • All about WordPress
  • How to choose a blog name
  • Selecting a hosting company
  • Initial WordPress settings

  • 2

    Section Two: DESIGN

    Easy DIY tutorials for designing your graphics and brand.

Welcome readers in with an aesthetically pleasing design, a layout that is easy to navigate, colors and fonts that are consistent with your brand all in a clean and uncluttered manner.

  • Creating Your Brand
  • DIY Graphic Design
  • How To Create Header + Sidebar Graphics
  • Introduction to WordPress Themes
  • Customizing Your Theme
  • Basics of Great Design

  • 3

    Section Three: USE

    Feel confident using the most powerful tools for blogging.

There's no point to having a well setup site with a great design if you don't feel confident using it!

  • About the WordPress Dashboard
  • How to Create a Post
  • How to Create a Page
  • Plugins vs. Widgets
  • Which Plugins to Add Now
  • Using the Media Library

  • 4

    Section Four: CONTENT

    How to find your voice and let it shine.

While there is no right or wrong way to blog, the number one key to success is posting valueable content that entertains, engages, educates or encourages your readers.

  • How To Find Your Niche
  • Why Content Matters
  • How To Create High-Value Content
  • Blogging Ettiquette
  • 50+ Amazing Content Ideas
  • How to Improve Your Photos
  • 5

    Section Five: GROW

    Eliminate the guesswork for growing your audience and reaching millions.

There is truly nothing more demoralizing to a blogger than feeling like you are writing to no one. With strategic growth tactics, you can not only gain readership, but develop loyal followers who will become your greatest asset.

  • How Blog Growth Happens
  • Proven Growth Techniques
  • How To Use Email Marketing
  • The Best Posts to Attract Readers
  • SEO Basics
  • Using Analytics To Track Growth
  • 6

    Section Six: SOCIAL

    Leverage powerful audiences already on Pinterest, Facebook, IG and more.

It helps to think about using social media in two ways: engaging readers and enabling sharing. Both are important factors in determining the exponential growth of your blog.

  • The Best Social Media Tools
  • Adding Icons Under Posts
  • Best Practices for Using Facebook
  • Best Practices for Using Twitter
  • Best Practices for Using Pinterest
  • Best Practices for Using Instagram
  • 7

    Section Seven: EARN

    Uncover real methods for selling your product or service.

Ready to start making some money?!  We can’t promise quick revenue (oh, how we wish we could!) but there are effective strategies with provided tools and resources that will put you on the right track toward your profit goals.

  • The Only Two Ways To Make Money Blogging
  • The Four Parts Of Every Business
  • How To Sell Products + Services For Others
  • How To Develop Your Own Products
  • Selling Your Own Products + Services
  • Choosing A Shopping Cart

you're about to enjoy an amazing opportunity

Your blog will become a platform from which you can share your passion and connect with others. Your life will be enriched through the writing and sharing of your ideas and talents and through the connections you'll make with others around the world.

Starting and growing your blog can create many new opportunities. It's only seconds away. You can share a good cause with your fans and readers. Share a product or service to earn an ongoing income. Or simply keep track of important events and thoughts as you document your life's adventures and reflect back on it all.

Where your blog takes you is up to you. Start your blog today and see where it takes you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the class start?
After registering, you can login and begin right away! You’ll have instant access to the first three sections, with the following sections opening up every 10 days to keep you on track without feeling overwhelmed.

Where does the class take place?
All of the lessons are available online.

How long do I have to do the lessons?
You have unlimited access to the class for 12 months. If you need longer, just let us know and we’ll be happy to accommodate.

What do I need to start?
All you’ll need is a computer and internet access. You can view the lessons on any device from the comfort of your home, your office or your local coffee shop.

Do I need a WordPress blog to take this course?
The Blog Class bases all teaching on the platform. We highly recommend using WordPress to build your blog, but if you prefer a different platform, much of the content will still be relevant to you.

What if I already have a blog?
You will love the class! You can either keep your existing blog and build upon it using The Blog Class lessons, or you can start from scratch with a new blog and transfer your best content. We offer transfer assistance to get you over this hurdle.

About The Blog Class

Since 2012 The Blog Class has been providing people worldwide with the lessons and step by step guides they need to build a successful online blog.